About Chris

About Chris

Esl Teacher Christopher Canavan 

Founder and CEO of Chris’sEnglishCafe, 
From Dublin Ireland 
Company information 
Chris’s English Cafe is an online offline Esl language Education service that is provided to students whose second language is English and those who wish to improve their English speaking skills in order to ;
Obtain a new job 
Be promoted
Access higher levels of Education 
Become more confident 


Educational background
Bachelors of Business In Enterprise from IADT 
TEFL Teaching English as a Foreign  Language 
Before creating this business I was teaching English in South Korea for 12 years, in that time I have worked in all areas of the Korean Educational system from Elementary schools to High schools.
From there I moved into corporate English or Business English 
I started working at KHNP which is a Nuclear power company 
I was responsible for creating the curricula and teaching students 1;1

Other companies Include
Johnson and Johnson
Haen Architecture 
SSanyong Construction 
I spent several years teaching corporate English online and also offline. 
My main role was to create English curricula and then use that to enhance the students’ English skills  through a wide range of teaching techniques.

I feel that for learning English it has to be 
Engaging Lessons 
Interactive material 
Fun for the learners 
Tailor made to the students needs and wants 
Implementing incremental progression 
I strive to give all my students my whole attention during my classes and encourage them to speak English as much as possible.

1. Chris’s English Cafe is to provide safe,convenient and tailor made classes for all ESL learners of all ages and levels.
2. To provide a better learning environment for students to learn and thrive.

Hobbies and interests

Playing soccer since I was 5 years old it it something I still love to do to this day, it’s a great way for me to make new friends and create new friendships